Savage Worlds: Mythology

The story so far. . .

In the beginning are the seeds to the end

The Story So far. . . After receiving an invitation to 1515 High Street by Donner Woden, our heroes arrived at the impressive New York mansion. Greeted by two identical raven haired women with unusual features, our heroes soon met Donald Woden, a man of considerable charisma and mystical power. Donner charged the heroes with the completion of a quest. The heroes were to retrieve the mysterious Sphere from the Tower of High Sorcery (think of this as an alcatraz/museum for dangerous criminals and artifacts of mystical origin.) As reward for the completion of this quest and the acquisition of the sphere, our heroes would be rewarded with membership into the New York annex of the Kerberos Club. Woden explained that membership was accompanied by a stipend, a room, and membership in a fraternity of like-minded individuals. Donald also alluded to the fact that where the British branch were behest to the whims of queen Victoria, membership in the American branch would afford more “independence.” The heroes (who at that time were Dr. Kirk Chaos, mystical adept; Gabriella “Widowmaker” Quincy, vampire maiden; Butterknife Bill, Native American shaman and gunslinger; and Raven Lochsley, amazonian champion) agreed to undertake the mission for Woden.

The heroes first objective was to discover the location of the mysterious “Tower”. During the search for the whereabouts of the Tower, our heroes were accosted by a man who imbided a potion and was able to transform himself into a brute. They made quick work of this ruffian and proceeded to an occult book store whose proprietor was a man named Thomas Mirabell. Mirabell, a man with little mystical talent and even less mystical ability referred our heroes to the Flower Shop of Lady Dalenshae. Lady Dalenshae, whose New York flowershop is actually a gateway to the Faerie Realm, was more than willing to help our heroes get to the tower in exchange for a favor, that she would collect at a time of her choosing. The characters agreed and the Lady teleported them to The Tower in London.

At the tower, our heroes made quick work of the guards on duty and were able to dispatch the leader of the watch, a man named Grayson. Leaving s pile of bodies in their wake, the heroes acquired the Sphere from the body of Grayson himself (in addition to Butterknife Bill taking the good warden’s scalp.) The heroes were able to call upon their Lady benefactor to return them to the 1515 High Street. Woden, who was overjoyed to see our heroes took the sphere from their possession and proceeded to smash it on the floor, releasing a cloud of purple mist. Woden introduced the hawk nosed figure that emerged from the mist as his son, Loki. (end of session 1)

Beginning of session 2- Woden had been surprisingly distant in the moments after the release of his imprisoned son, and our heroes did not see him since. Our heroes each received a letter beckoning them to some remote location to assist a friend, a family member or an association. Raven was summoned by her mother Octavia, to return to her homeland to recover the fabled chalice that gave Raven her powers. Gabriella was sequestered by Johann Van Helsing at the request of his father, Abraham, to investigate the alleged resurrection of Catherine Bathory. Butterknife received a letter suggesting that one of his closest friends had gone missing while on an expedition in the Amazon. Dr. Kirk was summoned by the High Council to attend an investigation into the Sons of Loki (whom they believe Grayson was a member.) All of these individual quests were postponed with the arrival of Lady DalenShae who decided to collect her favor. . .

The Lady was requesting that the characters travel to Brazil to recover the fabled Heart of Spring, from the Lady’s onetime lover, a man named Dr. Prometheus. The Doctor had been using the Heart’s creative energies to spawn all sort of foul abberations of nature. In order to track the Heart of Spring, the lady entrusted you with the Heart of Winter (which would glow when in proximity to its counterpart.) The lady explained that her magics were incapable of penetrating the mystical veil that covered the entire continents of South America due to the foul blood magics that were practiced thousands of years ago. She told the heroes to seek the last ship in the harbor.

Our heroes were able to identify the last ship in the harbor as the _Omega and soon made their way aboard, demaning passage to Brazil. While trying to get onboard the ship, they battled pirhana men and ape men. In addition, the humans who acted as overseers to the hybrids all had the same potions of transformation our heroes had seen before. The heroes were able to defeat their foes, and dispatched the humans, but spared the lives of the ape hybrids, who offered to crew the ship for them. End of session 2

Session 3

Aboard the _Omega. Our heroes soon learned the secret of the Heart of Winter. When the gem was far enough away from its mistress, it returned to its true form, that of a fey maiden who pledged her service to Dalenshae in exchange for the means to save her family’s farm. The girl’s name was Aurora and she pleaded with our heroes not to force her (or her brother)to return to the Lady’s care. She explained that she could sense that her brother was being tortured by some cruel person and that she could sense that he was still ‘alive’. Soon after Aurora’s metamorphosis, our hereos were attacked by a group of blue skinned, acquatic vampires. Our heroes were able to quickly dispatch a number of their forces, before their Captain, a human pirate, the Lady Widow, appeared and demanded to negotiate the terms of their surrender. Our heroes took this as an insult and were planning to dispatch her as well, when she killed the leader of the ape-men (Urg) with a simple touch! She then proposed a parley with the heroes. She would exchange her mysterious treasure for the Heart of Winter. Our heroes refused. She then offered to trade her mysterious treasure for a number of the ape-men. The heroes agreed to trade for three of the ape-men (leaving 2 to crew the ship.) The ‘treasure’ was a nondescript man who went by the name of Joe. Upon leaving the vessel, to return to her own ship ( the Sinister), the Lady_asked them who their employer was. Although the heroes said nothing, she was so impressed with their powers that she would put in a good word with her superiors. She handed them a card with a 3-headed dog on it. The heroes insisted that they belonged to the New York branch of the Kerberos Club, to which she responded that there was no New York branch. She cautioned them to be careful of who they trust and then chastised Joe for stealing from her.

The heroes arrived at the Island where they found the villages of a number of animal hybrids, along with a huge Cathedral in the center of the village. Through cunning and subterfuge, our heroes were able to find their way into the temple where Prometheus was in the process of collecting the life essence of Solarus, the heart of Spring. Our heroes were able to interrupt the ritual, stun Prometheus and retreive the Heart of Spring. although our heroes disagreed with the proper way to deal with Prometheus, cooler heads prevailed, and Dr. Chaos made him their prisoner. end of session 3._



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